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Your Home Fitness Road Trip

So you've come to a decision. You're going to take the home fitness journey to a healthier lifestyle and better looking physique.

But now that you've come to the decision, where do you start?

Right here!

Here you'll find an ever expanding library of health, fitness, and exercise articles. And you also have access to a growing list of workout routines to get you started on your journey, or to simply spice up your existing routines.

Hill Walking Fitness Training

There's a common misconception that without a gym membership you just can't get yourself fit and healthy. I hope that this site, and the home fitness community, will show the exact opposite.

Because there's simply a fantastic amount you can do from your own home.

What Exactly is Home Fitness?

Fitness is not solely your ability to exercise for a length of time. There's more to it than that.

It is your ability to cope with the stresses of everyday life. To ward off illnesses, to be healthy, and remain injury free. It's about resilience.

The fitter you are, the better able you are to come back fighting after one of life's inevitable setbacks.

But what is fitness and what makes one person fitter than another?

Fitness can be separated into two categories: health related fitness and skill related fitness.

For this site, I'll be focusing mainly on the health related components. After all, these are the components that help you deal with those stresses. (Out of interest, skill related fitness is of more importance to an athlete or sportsman wishing to better their skills).

Health related fitness can be subdivided into your aerobic capacity (VO2 Max), strength, flexibility, and body composition. And all of these together make up your general health and wellbeing. It's finding a balance between these components which make you fit!

Now imagine a guy who is massively muscular. He is likely able to lift colossal weights, giving him extraordinary strength. Clearly he has the strength related component of fitness, but what about his aerobic capacity? Or flexibility?

These components are likely to be poor.

Now imagine a lady who is much less strong, yet strong enough to deal with everything life throws at her. Not only that, she has good aerobic capacity so can run like the wind. And each day she bends herself into amazing positions, keeping herself supple and flexible.

Which of these two imaginary people do you think is the fitter? Which do you think is more capable of dealing with the stresses of life?

I don't think I really need answer these questions!

So what is home fitness?

It's just that . . . fitness at home. That might sound a little restrictive, but don't worry! It doesn't mean you can't take your exercise outside of the house.

So more generally, it is building your health related components of fitness without the need for expensive gym memberships or expensive equipment (equipment that usually ends up gathering dust anyway).

The Home Fitness Community – Your Community

If you have a specific question and can't find the answer here (remember, not a single site out there has all the answers), why not put it to the Home Fitness community! Ask your question in the Forum, and someone will soon give you an answer.

Whilst you're there, take a look around and see if you can help someone else out in need of an answer. The whole community could benefit from your ideas and knowledge!

Things around here are changing rapidly. You can keep-up-to-date with these changes by receiving the Home Fitness ezine.

Each month I'll let you know the articles and discussions added to the site, along with the latest exercises and workout routines. It'll save you having to sieve through the site for the latest information. If something is of personal interest to you, then you can go straight to it, which saves your valuable surfing time!

I think you'll benefit as variety in your home fitness will keep you motivated and increase your chances of achieving your targets.

Just sign-up using the form below.

Now, let's get to it . . .




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